Meet the Team

AWE is made possible by the remarkable expertise, performance, dedication, and collaboration of team members across all participating organizations. The collective team numbers over 100, including, but not limited to, the NASA Explorers oversight team, AWE science team, researchers, postdoctorates, mission managers, engineers, fabrication and materials specialists, safety specialists, mission assurance and quality assurance specialists, technologists, contract administrators, cost analysts, technical writers, marketing specialists, web developers, and graduate and undergraduate students.

NASA Mission Partners

The AWE mission will be the newest addition to NASA’s Heliophysics System Observatory (HSO), which is dedicated to exploring our Sun and understanding its impact here on Earth and out to the farthest reaches of our solar system. As a part of the HSO, AWE provides a unique focus on wave energy entering the boundary region between our atmosphere and space.

LaMont Ruley

Mission Manager

Ruth Lieberman, PhD

Mission Scientist

John McCormack, PhD

Program Scientist

David Cheney

Program Executive

Subject Matter Experts

Members of the AWE science team gathered around a computer monitor indoors.

Science Team

Responsible for achieving AWE science objectives.

Ludger Scherliess, PhD
Principal Investigator
Utah State University
Mike Taylor, PhD
PI Emeritus & Senior Science Expert
Utah State University
Jeff Forbes, PhD
Deputy Principal Investigator
University of Colorado Boulder
Dave Fritts, PhD
Project Scientist
Jonathan Snively, PhD
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Hanli Liu, PhD
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Stephen Eckermann, PhD
Naval Research Laboratory
Members of the AWE research team gathered around a computer monitor on a rooftop at night.

Research Team

Provides support to the science team.

Yucheng Zhao, PhD
Utah State University
Dominique Pautet, PhD
Utah State University
Robert Stockwell, PhD
Xiaoli Zhang, PhD
University of Colorado Boulder
A member of the AWE mission team dressed in a cleanroom coverall, working on the AMTM instrument.

Mission Team

Responsible for payload performance and project management.

Burt Lamborn
Project Manager
Space Dynamics Laboratory
Harri Latvakoski, PhD
Project Systems Engineer
Space Dynamics Laboratory
Erik Syrstad, PhD
Payload Manager
Space Dynamics Laboratory
Brian Thompson
Payload Systems Engineer
Space Dynamics Laboratory
Russ Kirkham
Safety & Mission Assurance
Space Dynamics Laboratory
Pedro Sevilla
Ground Systems & Mission Operations
Space Dynamics Laboratory

Participating Organizations

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Atmospheric Waves Experiment
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